About Dr. Hoopes, Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon


One of Dr. Hoopes’ mentors, Dr. Sigvard T. Hansen taught Dr. Hoopes the principle of identifying the cause of an ailment and to not just focus attention on the symptoms. As Dr. Hansen likes to say “Nothing happens for no reason.” By taking the time and effort to figure out why a patient has their injury, Dr. Hoopes hopes to not only treat the current symptoms but also the root cause of the condition. This unique approach to medicine sets Dr. Hoopes apart from the many doctors and physicians who eagerly jump on a diagnosis and offer operations that may provide some temporary relief, but often lead to a recurrence of the original problem as time passes.

Dr. Hoopes focuses on surgical and non-operative treatments of lower extremity injuries, especially those involving the foot and ankle. Dr. Hoopes has degrees in Microbiology (BS), Business Management (Minor), and Information Technology (MS) from Brigham Young University. He then earned his MD degree from the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Hoopes then completed Orthopaedic Surgery Residency at the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque. His Fellowship sub-specialty training in Foot and Ankle at the University of Washington and Harborview Medical Centers in Seattle, WA allowed him to work with the most knowledgeable and venerated surgeons in this unique aspect of Orthopaedic Surgery. Patients traveled from all over the country and even from other parts of the world in order to have surgeries and other treatments by “the best of the best” such as:

  • Total Ankle Arthroplasty (total ankle joint replacement)
  • Ankle Arthrodesis (ankle fusion)
  • Severe Pes Planus reconstruction (flat foot)
  • Pes Cavus Reconstruction (pathologically high-arched foot)
  • Hallux valgus with Hypermobile First Ray (“bunion”)
  • Ankle ligament Reconstruction (for recurrent ankle sprains)
  • Reconstruction of calcaneus, talus, and other severe foot trauma
  • Forefoot reconstruction (hammertoe, claw toe, and other toe deformities)
  • Achilles tendon surgery and other treatments of Achilles tendinitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis treatment
  • And many others

Dr. Hoopes has a special interest and in-depth knowledge of chronic and acute running injuries and injuries in other endurance athletes such as cyclists. As a former Cat 1/2 Pro Road Bicycle and Expert Mountain Bike racer, he understands the desire of an athlete to stay active and get back to their sport as soon as possible. He is pioneering a way of thinking about and treating chronic injuries to runners that go back to the roots of biomechanics and seeks to exploit the unique endowments of human physiology. While many try to treat and prevent injury with always more expensive and more complex shoes and other equipment, Dr. Hoopes first looks to careful examination of form and stride and simplicity. However, when non-surgical measures have proven ineffective, he is able to perform operative treatment that gets you back on your feet.

Dr. Hoopes and his wife have three children and love living here in Utah, where they can enjoy all of the summer and winter sports that Utah has to offer such as snowboarding, skiing, mountain and road biking, hiking, running, rock-climbing and water-skiing. They are also glad to live near so many members of their extended family.