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Dr. Daniel Hoopes, Lower Extremity – Foot and Ankle Specialist

Whether you are trying to get better after an injury or just want to get rid of that nagging foot pain that holds you back from your daily activities, Dr. Hoopes can get you back on your feet. Very few surgeons will take the time needed to evaluate and educate the patient. You will immediately notice his attention to detail and personalized service.

X-Ray of foot and ankle bones


Often, the pain from lower extremity and foot/ankle injuries can be significantly improved with non-operative measures.

Velcro and neoprene knee brace

Commonly Visited Pages

Dr. Hoopes has loaded this site with tons of information and educational videos to help you get back on your feet. Here are some of the most helpful and most used pages of the site.

Close up view of a young girl's foot in a cast

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find answers to the most common questions here, call us at 801-373-7350.

Dr Daniel Hoopes, MD

About Dr. Hoopes

Combining the latest surgical techniques and a keen understanding of non-operative protocols, Dr. Hoopes is uniquely qualified to treat whatever your pain or limitation.