My Injury


Our feet are what connect us to the ground and allow us to be mobile. We often take our feet for granted…until they start to hurt. When our feet hurt, activities that used to be so easy become a painful burden, and can impact our every day routine. Dr. Hoopes has top-notch training in lower extremity injuries that can help you get back on your feet.

Chronic Problems

Some problems take a long time to develop. They may go unnoticed for months or years and, left unchecked, can lead to annoying or even debilitating pain. Problems that take a long time to develop may also take a long time to improve. With physical therapy, shoe modification, and correct mechanics, many chronic problems can be resolved and your feet can be pain free again. Sometimes, with more severe chronic problems, non-operative measures are not enough and surgical treatments are necessary.

Acute Injuries

Acute injuries may arise from traumatic incidents or may be the result of more chronic problems presenting themselves in a more acute form. Ankle sprains, fractures, and plantar fasciitis are some of the most common acute injuries that Dr. Hoopes treats. Depending on severity, some acute injuries can be treated non-operatively while others need to be treated surgically.

Running Injuries

Many injuries may result from running, and all too often it is due to improper running form and poorly designed running shoes. Unfortunately, many doctors will tell runners to stop running altogether in order to prevent running injuries. Dr. Hoopes thinks differently. Dr. Hoopes enjoys treating runners because he believes that correct running form and proper footwear can not only improve symptoms of running injuries, but also improve foot health in general.