Devices and Orthopedic Aids


Unstable on Crutches?

Cast/Splint Cover

AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthotic)

  • For simple foot drop: The Noodle 
    Can be customized for additional side-to-side support
  • For greater protection of injured/painful foot & ankle joints: Allard ToeOFF
  • Custom dynamic exoskeleton brace: Exosym. This is a game-changer. Similar to Allard ToeOFF, but completely custom-made, by a rock star named Ryan Blanck. Downside: usually costs more if insurance doesn’t cover it and requires one or two trips to Seattle, WA to have it fit, adjusted, and to be taught how to use it.

Toe Fracture or Anyone who needs to maintain toe alignment

Hand-controls for your car

  • Having surgery on the Right foot/ankle? You won’t be able to drive unless you either rent a car with hand controls, or have your own car retrofit for the hand controls. Rental car agencies can rent you a car with the controls with a few days lead time. Or you can have your own car retrofit by this company:
    Mobility Works

Compression Socks

  • Less Expensive: Moderate Compression
    -Sometimes too much compression at the toes
  • More Expensive: Altra Compression Socks
    -“Foot shaped” with extra space for the big toe
    -If you only need it for one side, just turn other side inside-out and now you have one to use every-other day

Winter Sports

  • Snowboard boots: If you use a very stiff boot, it ends up protecting your foot/ankle almost as much as a CAM walker cast boot. Here is a list of some stiff snowboard boots that will be the most protective.
  • Ski boots: All are protective and will provide a good amount of stability as long as you have been given the “go ahead” by Dr. Hoopes.

Miscellaneous Splints and foot/ankle aids

  • Plantar fasciitis night splint on Tips
    1. Do not use the provided foam wedges, you can throw them away.
    2. Do not overtighten the side straps. You only want to maintain a gentle 90 degrees at the ankle, no more.
    3. Need two? Get just one and wear it half the night on each side, or alternate each night. This thing is way too bulky to wear two.
    4. Take no more than a few steps in this splint. It is not made for walking and it might break or cause a fall if you slip on the plastic part.
  • Heel lift. Use these if you are having a hard time transitioning to “zero drop” shoes with no built-in heel. Put them below the foam shoe insert. That way you won’t feel it as much and the shoe insert will hold it in place.
    Option #1: Better, but more expensive
    Option #2: Good, and less expensive
  • Boot height killing your hips and/or back? You should either get some shoes with greater padding/height, or a shoe lift called the “Even Up Shoe Balancer