Katie McBride

Katie is usually the first person patients meet in Dr. Hoopes’ clinic. She is the one that will escort patients to their rooms and take their vital measurements. She also manages patient appointments, imaging scheduling, surgery scheduling, and more.

team-tyrel1Tyrel Irons

Tyrel takes excellent x-rays and is an expert in lower extremity splints, casts, and orthotics. He grew up in Moroni, and he loves golfing and travelling to Alaska for the supreme fishing.




picmonkey_imageNathan Balkman

Nathan is always by Dr. Hoopes’ side, streamlining clinic efficiency and creating gold-standard medical records. Nathan also helps Dr. Hoopes with patient education. He is a student at Brigham Young University, where he studies Spanish and Exercise Science, and is getting ready to attend medical school next year. He is an avid cyclist and rock climber.