Foot Intrinsic Muscle Weakness

Spread your fingers out as wide as you can…now bring them all together as tight as you can. Easy, right? Now try the same thing with your toes. If this is a challenge for you, you probably have weak foot intrinsic muscles. It turns out that, like tight calf muscles, many people have weak foot intrinsic muscles. This is almost entirely due to improper foot wear. Most shoes, more than 99% of them, have narrow toe boxes that aren’t even shaped like feet. This restricts your toes, taking them out of the mechanics of walking and running, in which they are meant to perform an active role. After a lifetime of wearing these narrow shoes, those intrinsic foot muscles weaken, and our brains may even forget how to use them. Having weak intrinsic muscles can cause imbalances in our feet that may lead to painful foot disorders. The best way to strengthen your intrinsic muscles is to walk and even run barefoot as often as possible. This trains the brain to engage those intrinsic muscles and allows them to become an active part of our walking and running mechanics, restoring balance to our feet.

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